The Rapid Rise Of The Mold Temperature Machine Industry Has Become A New Driving Force For Economic Growth

Dec 30, 2019

ag亚洲国际信凯发来就送68The rapid rise of the mold temperature machine industry has become a new driving force for economic growth

ag亚洲国际信凯发来就送68More than 90% of the objects in life are processed by molds, and 95% of them are manufactured by high temperature molds, and the temperature generally reaches 60 ° C-350 ° C or higher. Under the increasing pressure of resources and environment in our country, the mold temperature machine adopts thyristor control, which saves 30% -40% power and improves efficiency 30% -40% compared with traditional heating.

ag亚洲国际信凯发来就送68As a kind of high-tech industry, the mold temperature machine industry plays a supporting role in the national economy and social development. Vigorously promoting the development of the mold temperature machine industry is of great significance for transforming the traditional industrial business philosophy, reducing waste of resources, and walking out of a new-type industrialization road of leaps and bounds. In addition, the mold temperature machine is widely used in constant temperature, temperature control, and heating, which greatly improves production efficiency and resource utilization, strengthens environmental protection, and is conducive to the sustainable development of the environment.

However, the development of China's mold temperature machine industry still has problems such as lack of independent intellectual property rights, insufficient innovation capacity, low growth quality, and low profitability. It has become an urgent task to further enhance the core competitiveness of the industry.

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How To Effectively Ensure The Safe Use Of The Mold Temperature Machine

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